How to Trust God

How blessed is the man who has made the Lord his trust, And has not turned to the proud, nor to those who lapse into falsehood. – Psalm 40:4

The chessboard these days is filled with either pride or falsehood. Pride (“I got this”) on one side, and falsehood (“all ideas about God are valid”) on the other. The tension grows thick as both pride and falsehood become more and more dominant. But, with great adversity comes the potential for great revival.

King David understood both pride and falsehood would lead to nothing positive. So instead, he waited upon the Lord with a trusting heart to be delivered from overwhelming circumstances.

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Trusting God is a Process

David had to go through some rough times to learn what it meant to depend on God instead of himself. First, David had to regularly wait for God to deliver him from his horrific circumstances that seemed hopeless. (Psalm 40:2) Second, God placed David on solid footing because of his obedience so that he could experience some much needed relief. (Psalm 40:2) Third, God provided David a new spirit and outlook on life. (Psalm 40:3) In turn, David’s response was a desire for others to have the same experience – divine deliverance that results in trusting God.

David had to trust God because all other options were exhausted. David’s experience is typical. We have to be placed in the valley before we trust God. Then, once we trust God, He brings us through the valley. We are not compelled to trust God on our own. We require divine encouragement, and divine intervention.

How We Trust God

Try telling someone, “Just trust God.” They can’t do it. Most-likely they will defiantly refuse, unless God has already prepared their heart. It is not an act of the human will to trust God. It is an act of God for us to trust Him. Life circumstances are used by God to induce a desire to trust Him. That is the revelation in which David received from God. That is what David excitingly wanted to share with others. Paradoxically, sharing God’s sovereignty and goodness is not the secret ingredient that makes us trust God. God is the secret ingredient to trusting God. Without His divine intervention, we will not and cannot trust Him. At the same time, we are commanded to share His sovereignty and goodness with others as His agents of truth.

How to Move Forward

Learn from David. Notice the rawness of his heart in how he relates to God all throughout the Psalms, especially in Psalms 40-42. He is a man with great authority and stature, yet David is brought to his knees frequently in order to experience God’s divine power. Be encouraged that you are not alone in your own battles. Wait patiently on God in spite of living in a fast moving world with unknowns that remain ahead. What does it meant to wait patiently on God? Not trying to be God, but actively loving Him, serving others, and telling others about Him. Taking focus off of self, and placing it on Him and others. 

David had every reason to be anxious based on his life circumstances, and he was on many occasions. But, he also continuously sought after God for peace, rest, and deliverance. He had to learn what it meant to wait patiently – suffering without becoming annoyed and anxious .

God is with us!