The Love of Your Life

If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” – John 14:15

The word “commandment” instantly communicates the idea of someone having authority over us. The one thing all human beings loth is answering to someone else. But, when we truly love someone else, we desire to do the will of the other person. It is not a chore, but a pleasure. In essence, what Jesus is says, “If you love me, you will take pleasure in keeping my commandments.” It won’t be a chore, but a willful desire. Therefore, a cause and effect relationship exists between loving someone and wilfully desiring to do the things they ask.

Who is the Love of Your Life?

Whatever we are willing to give God, God is willing to give thousand times more in return. In verse 14:16, Jesus says God the Father is willing to give a person the Holy Spirit forever if they will be willing to keep His commandments out of love, not law. Many professed Christians know Jesus as a good religious figure to follow. Much fewer know Jesus as the love of their life.  The more we love Jesus, the more we desire to follow His commands, and the more Spirit of truth is revealed to us.

What to Expect IF You Love Jesus

John 14:17, “The world cannot accept Him (Jesus), because it neither sees Him nor knows Him.” This is when the rubber meets the road. It will be impossible for many to understand what it means to love Jesus. Even our closest friends and family members may not understand what it means to have the Holy Spirit. Or, what it means to actually obey His commands out of love. It will seem so foreign to those that can’t relate to such a relationship with God. Even professed Christians will find it difficult to understand and experience what Jesus is saying in John 14:15-17. It just won’t seem real to them. But, all the more reason we need to continue loving Jesus so that it may become real to them.

He Showed Us How to Love

Jesus’ earthly ministry was based on doing the will of His Father. Whatever the Father commanded, Jesus was willing to do because He loved His Father so much. The Son even gave up His own life because it was His Father’s will. Jesus died for His Father, and we are the beneficiaries. It was the Father’s will for His Son to save the world. Jesus did not do the will of man nor operate on His own volition. He did the will of someone else because that is how much He loved His Father. And, the Father loved us so much, He was willing to kill His only begotten Son that He loved infinitely. That is why the gospel message ought to develop a deep desire to love Jesus. That is why if you love Jesus the way Jesus and His Father loved each other, you will want to keep His commandments even if it means sacrificing everything and anything else.

Make Jesus the Love of Your Life

Our love is conditional. Jesus’ love is unconditional. That is what makes the Holy Spirit such an incredible reward for loving the very object that never stops loving us. Our own will helps us to see commandments as nothing but a chore. But, the Holy Spirit is what empowers us to be more like Christ and see His commandments as an opportunity to love Him and one another.